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Monitor Systems has shipped Radar Awareness Speed Signs all over the United States and worldwide destinations.  

Some of our locations include Hawaii, Africa, Kuwait, Madagascar, Canada and Alaska.


With over 30 years in The Trailer Shop business, it was a natural fit to team up with Monitor Systems.


The marriage of a Trailer Manufacturer and a Radar Electronic Specialist created a new company, Monitor Systems.


Monitor Systems was formed to meet the urgent need to inform motorist with a clear message board, to slow their speed while economically meeting your needs. 

Monitor Systems also provides a pole mounted RADAR speed system when a trailer is not practical. 

Customers are really inventive when using our Radar Speed signs. Besides the usual speed zones and school zones, clients use them for business locations, college campuses, homeowners associations, the public safety departments and many other commercial applications. 

 See Monitor Systems Facebook page for some of our more unusual applications:

Whatever your needs:  

For Radar Speed Awareness Signs contact Monitor Systems at sales@monitorsystems.net or call 888-810-7023 for a Free Consultation and tell them The Trailer Shop sent you.


Give us a Call for a Free Consultation at The Trailer Shop  214-343-0003.  We are glad to help and answer any questions you may have. 

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